J-Hive - Jazz Festivals & Audience Research


J-Hive aims to document experiences of Jazz festivals using a simple mobile application that allows people to post text and images to a web page. Participants will regularly respond to, and reflect on, the music, the festival atmosphere, and the people they meet. Through the interface participants will be able to follow their own posts, as well as those of others participating in the project. The initial pilot phase of the project takes place at the 2016 Cheltenham Jazz Festival when v1.0 of the interface will be tested. Further iterations of the interface will be deployed at festivals around Europe in 2017 and beyond, with the eventual aim of creating a ‘white label’ research tool for academics and practioners interested in gathering and analysing information about the festival experience.

J-Hive is part of a larger European funded research project on Cultural Heritage and Improvised Music in European Jazz Festivals (CHIME). CHIME explores the uses and re-uses of different types of heritage through the study of jazz and improvised music festivals, and examines how changing relationships between music, festivals, and cultural heritage sites relate to established understandings and uses of heritage. We focus on jazz and improvised music as a lens through which to explore key issues in heritage experience, drawing on the music’s unique and complex relationship to concepts of high and low culture, tradition, innovation, authenticity and European identities.

Any personal details you provide to CHIME during the course of participating in this research project will not be shared with outside parties, however we will be using the material we gather to develop a deeper understanding of jazz festivals from a range of perspectives, including festival goers, musicians, CJF staff and promoters, and presenting our overall findings in public research contexts.