J-Hive - Jazz Festivals & Audience Research

Cheltenham Pilot

J-Hive will be running its first project at the 2016 Cheltenham Jazz Festival, which takes place between 28th-30th May. The project will focus on two areas:

Online Map/Interface

We have created a bespoke, online interface that provides festival-goers, musicians, staff and other visitors to record elements of their experience on the festival site during the course of their stay.

Via a secure interface, participants can post text and images detailing their experience that will then be displayed on an interactive map. Along with the text and images provided by the participants, additional metadata is also captured around each post that will enable detailed analysis once data collection is complete. Metadata in this instance relates to things such as time, date, location, etc, which will be joined with existing festival data (festival schedule, attendance numbers, and so on) and other, 3rd party data (including weather) to give additional context to the information gathered from participants

Twitter Storytelling

On Saturday 30th May we will be offering a wider festival audience to participate in the project through the use of a Twitter Hashtag: #jazzdayjhive. Tweets with this hashtag will be scraped from Twitter and analysed within the context of the information gathered via the Map/Interface