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Nicholas Gebhardt is Associate Professor in Popular Music and Media at Birmingham City University, UK and leads the J-Hive Project. His work focuses on jazz and popular music in American culture, and he currently leads the Popular Music Studies research group in the Birmingham Centre for Media and Cultural Studies. His publications include Going For Jazz: Musical Practices and American Ideology (University of Chicago Press, 2001) and The Cultural Politics of Jazz Collectives: This Is Our Music (Routledge, 2015). He was a member of the Rhythm Changes: Jazz Cultures and European Identities project team (2010-2013). He is co-editor of the Routledge book series Transnational Studies in Jazz and on the editorial board of the Jazz Research Journal. He is lead organiser of the 2016 4th Rhythm Changes international conference, Jazz Utopia.


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Craig Hamilton is a PhD Research Student and Visiting Lecturer on the Music Industries Undergraduate program at BCU. His research interests is Popular Music with a particular focus on consumption practices in the digital environment. In March 2014 he was awarded an AHRC Doctoral Research Scholarship to study towards his PhD, using The Harkive Project, a crowd-sourced method of collecting stories from music listeners, to explore questions around meaning, identity, ownership and authenticity.

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Nick Moreton is a lecturer in New Media at BCU. He is responsible for the design and implementation of the J-Hive platform that will be piloted during the initial phase of the J-Hive project.